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Classic Tandoori Chicken

Hi friends, this time I thought of trying something different, easy yet tasty.  Why not a recipe that is very Indian which almost every non-vegetarian craves for.  TANDOORI CHICKEN it is!!! Before straight-away going for the recipe, I would like to share my bit of story about how I ended […]

Dal Chaawal

Shahi Dal

Welcome back.  As promised in my last blog, here is my second Dal recipe: The Shahi or Royal Dal. This recipe derives its name from the richness of its ingredients which all of you would definitely relish. It, however, requires a little elaborate procedure. It can be served with both […]

Dal Chaawal

Jhatpat Dal

A simple recipe of ‘Dal Chaawal’ has a lot of potential.  Regardless of vegetarians or meat lovers, every Indian at some point of his/her life must have missed his/her so called ‘Maa ki hath ka Dal Chaawal’.  I always crave for my mother’s simple yet tasty ‘Dal’ cooked with minimum […]


The journey begins…

Now when I sat for drafting my first write up, I wandered what should be the first recipe to post in my blog. Should I post something innovative, some of my special recipes or a most common one which would relate to most of my readers especially for self- cookers […]