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Tandoori Chai

Tandoori chai; for those who are encountering this term for the first time it is bound to make you wonder. But this new trend in Indian style of preparing tea has already gained huge popularity among tea lovers.  It is a perfect amalgamation of Indian Masala Chai and Tandoori tradition. […]

Spicy facts

Yummy Potatoes

Potato is the most widely used vegetable in Indian cuisine.  And it’s our favourite too.  Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians equally relish its rich taste.  In simple words we Indians cannot imagine our cuisine without potato.  Yet the most interesting fact is that Potato is not at all a traditional Indian […]


Vegetable chops

The Kolkata-style chops are one of the most famous appetisers, particularly during monsoon or winter.  It is sold at almost every roadside snacks corners best known as Telebhajar Dokan in Bengali. Nowadays many sweet shops in Kolkata are also selling these mouth-watering savoury appetisers of different varieties. Among these, most […]


Classic Tandoori Chicken

Hi friends, this time I thought of trying something different, easy yet tasty.  Why not a recipe that is very Indian which almost every non-vegetarian craves for.  TANDOORI CHICKEN it is!!! Before straight-away going for the recipe, I would like to share my bit of story about how I ended […]

Dal Chaawal

Shahi Dal

Welcome back.  As promised in my last blog, here is my second Dal recipe: The Shahi or Royal Dal. This recipe derives its name from the richness of its ingredients which all of you would definitely relish. It, however, requires a little elaborate procedure. It can be served with both […]

Dal Chaawal

Jhatpat Dal

A simple recipe of ‘Dal Chaawal’ has a lot of potential.  Regardless of vegetarians or meat lovers, every Indian at some point of his/her life must have missed his/her so called ‘Maa ki hath ka Dal Chaawal’.  I always crave for my mother’s simple yet tasty ‘Dal’ cooked with minimum […]