Author: Payel


Radhaballavi is the most scrumptious dish for a Bengali breakfast menu and a popular morning street food snack in Kolkata.  For us Bengalis food is a matter of utmost importance, nevertheless a bit emotional too.  Yes it’s true, with the first morsel of dinner in our mouth we start planning […]


Being a Bengali, I take pride in saying that we die for desserts.  Yes, that’s right. Every Bengali is born with a sweet tooth.  For us a proper meal must end with a dessert or sweet dish. Sweets hold an eminent place in our culture and custom.  Sweets in any […]

Chicken Korma

Indian cuisine like a mirror reflects the most vital feature of our civilization: Diversity.  One can witness endless recipes across the length and breadth of India and will find each recipe completely unique yet amazingly delicious.  Chicken Korma is one such masterpiece.  It is a traditional recipe of the Indian […]

Kesari Mawa Modak

Mawa Modak is a traditional Indian milk based dessert.  Modak, being Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet, is generally prepared during the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi and offered to the Lord.  I myself being an earnest devotee of Lord Ganesha thought of sharing this recipe with you on the auspicious occasion […]


Kalakand is a traditional Indian sweet dish made from Milk and Chena or Paneer (cottage cheese). It is one of the most popular desserts in the entire Indian sub-continent. Kalakand being one of my favorite sweet dishes thought of sharing it with you on the auspicious occasion […]

Bread-Veggie stir-fry

I remember this yummy and quick snack from my childhood days that my Mom used to prepare for us.  She often used to make it for breakfast especially on holidays.  She named the dish Pao Khichdi or bread khichdi. She never used any kind of sauce to prepare it.  Instead […]