About me

Hi, I am Payel and  I am delighted that you have landed here chasing your love for food

Savoury Dreamer

Since my childhood days, anything vibrant and creative always attracts my attention.  Engaging in any creative activity gives me immense joy and happiness.  Cooking always inspired me from a very young age.  Back in Kolkata (my hometown) I have grown experiencing the culinary skills of the two master chefs in our family: my grandma and mother. I loved their way of preparing a dish and I still enjoy watching people making food, especially the street vendors. Their culinary techniques, perfection and art of preparing and serving a dish amaze me. However being a creative person, I love to add my own touch in every little thing I do and cooking is no exception.  Initially it all started with preparing known recipes with customizations as per my choice.  Slowly, experimenting with new recipes became a hobby.  But it turned into passion when I finally shifted to Bengaluru after marriage.  In my little kitchen I continued enhancing my culinary skills and got appreciations from friends and family.  According to them (may be a bit biased), I was creating wonders.  It certainly encouraged me to invent new recipes.  My husband being an ardent food lover is my all season food taster and offers me the most unbiased criticism on my cooking. It really helped me improve my culinary skills.  With his continuous encouragement I have been able to build this little web corner where we celebrate life through food.   Cheers to life and food!!!

Food philosophy

Food (including drink) is an inseparable and vital part of life and community.  It is evident from the extent of emphasis given on food by human civilizations through ages.  Food is the source of nutrition for our body and mind.  Being a Foodie myself, I believe food is the best therapy for mind.  Not only good food lifts our mood instantly but cooking often proves to be very relaxing for mind.  Greatest of differences can be resolved over food. Ideas and thoughts can be best shared over a delicious meal. In India, even a simple cup of tea at a tea stall can initiate prolonged conversation between strangers.  It really stuns me how food can create amazing moments and memories!!!  Food defines our life’s journey and helps relive our memories.  In the words of Alan D. Wolfelt, ‘Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate’.  Food has occupied the most important place in our celebrations since ages and across the globe.  We celebrate life through food.

Savoury Dreamz

My husband and I, apart from being big foodies love to travel and see new places. Obviously travelling and food go hand in hand.  Food not only makes travelling interesting but brings one closer to the culture of a place.  The more we travelled the more we got exposed to variety of cuisines and the more I got inspired to invent new recipes.

Creating a food blog was playing in my mind from a long time.  But maintaining it requires a lot of time and effort.  It is quite difficult to maintain a food blog along with a full time job.  However, I finally launched this blog in 2020 to present my favourite and interesting recipes and food tales to my friends and viewers.  With whatever little time I get, I try to put all my efforts and imaginations to create something new and tasty. I am just a beginner and still in learning stage.  In the journey of developing each new recipe and presenting it in this blog I rediscover my passion for cooking afresh.

One of my aim is to make home cooking easier and simpler. Each of my dishes not only looks colourful and vibrant but is enriched with nutrients.  I love inventing healthy recipes. I try my best to transform elaborate traditional recipes into simpler forms. I wish to surprise my viewers every time with different and unique recipes.  Apart from these there would be posts on spicy facts on food and food tales. Though I am still in amateur stage in from photography, videography and editing, I enjoy a lot in this whole blogging process.

P.S. All the still and video photographies are done by me.

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I always love hearing from you. Please do share your thoughts and feedbacks with me.  Feel free to reach me at savourydreamz@gmail.com, Instagram and Facebook with your suggestions and inquiries.