Kesari Mawa Modak

Mawa Modak is a traditional Indian milk based dessert.  Modak, being Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet, is generally prepared during the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi and offered to the Lord.  I myself being an earnest devotee of Lord Ganesha thought of sharing this recipe with you on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. This is an easy recipe yet a delicious one, with rich flavours of homemade Mawa, Kesar and nuts.

Kesari Mawa Modak

Kesari Mawa Modak

Course: DessertCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time

4 to 5


9 to 10

of medium size


  • 2 litres of full cream Milk

  • 100 gms of Milk powder

  • 1 small sized cup of Sugar or to taste

  • 2 tsp Cardamom powder

  • 3 tsp Ghee

  • 1 ½ tsp Kesar (Saffron)

  • Finely Chopped nuts of choice for stuffing (Cashew, Almonds, Pistachios, etc.)


  • Take 2 litres of milk in a heavy bottom pan.  Bring it to boil.
  • In the meantime prepare saffron milk: Take 1 tsp of Kesar and 3 to 4 spoons of warm milk in a small bowl.  Mix it well and keep it aside to soak.
  • For the stuffing, take finely chopped nuts, 1 tsp of Cardamom powder and ½ tsp of Kesar in a small bowl.  Give it a mix and keep it aside.
  • Now once the milk starts to boil, turn the flames to low.  Keep stirring at regular intervals to prevent sticking at the bottom.  The milk has to thicken and reduce to half of its original volume.
  • Now add the milk powder and mix thoroughly.
  • Add 1 tsp of Cardamom powder and continue stirring the mixture constantly for 15 to 20 minutes or until it gets really thick.
  • Add sugar and 2 tsp of Ghee. Keep stirring and mixing. Once the sugar melts, the mixture would become little thin.
  • Add the saffron milk and mix well.
  • Keep cooking on low flames until the mixture gets more thickened. Stir constantly to prevent burning.  Cook the mixture until it starts leaving the sides of the pan and forms a lump.  Remove from flames.
  • Transfer the mixture into a bowl and let it cool slightly.  Knead the mixture well while it is still warm to form smooth non-sticky Mawa dough.
  • Take a Modak mould and grease it with Ghee to prevent the Mawa dough from sticking. Take small portions of Mawa dough and stuff into the mould.
  • Place a tsp of stuffing mixture (prepared in Step 3) in the centre and close the mould tightly to attain shape. Scrape off the excess dough and gently unmould and place the Modak over a plate greased with Ghee.
  • Repeat the same for the rest of the Mawa dough and finally garnish the Modak with strands of Kesar. This will yield 9-10 medium size modak.
  • Soft flavourful delicious Kesari Mawa Modak is ready to be offered to Lord Ganesha.


  • Using of milk powder is optional.
  • To reduce effort and time, you can use readymade Khowa/Mawa from market (about 400 gms) and grate it for instant use.  Skip all the steps above other than Steps 2 and 3 and straightway start with the grated Khowa/Mawa on low heat until melts and then follow from step 5 onwards.
  • Using of chopped nuts as stuffing is also optional.
  • You can even add a tsp of Rose water along with the saffron milk for essence.  But I prefer to keep the original aroma of Mawa and Kesar.
  • You can refrigerate and store the Modak in an airtight container for few days.

Hope you will love this recipe.  Try this out yourselves this Ganesh Chaturthi and do post me your comments and feedbacks.  May Lord Ganesha shower his blessings on all of us.  Wish you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

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