Tandoori Chai

Tandoori chai; for those who are encountering this term for the first time it is bound to make you wonder. But this new trend in Indian style of preparing tea has already gained huge popularity among tea lovers.  It is a perfect amalgamation of Indian Masala Chai and Tandoori tradition.

To prepare Tandoori Chai, Kulhads or earthen cups are baked in a glowing hot Tandoor (cylindrical clay oven or furnace) for quite a few hours.  When fully red hot, a Kulhad is kept on a metal vessel using a pair of tongs and Masala Chai (sweet milky tea with added Indian Garam Masala) is poured in it, the tea sizzles and froths over.  Masala Chai absorbs the smoky and earthy aroma from the Kulhad.  And our Tandoori Chai is ready to be served.  To give a feeling, Tandoori Chai is served in Kulhads only.  Nowadays, Tandoori Chai is sold in most of the Indian cities.  I myself tried it for the first time in Udaipur.  Believe me, it tastes awesome and the preparation process is quite an entertainment.

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